Vansko-A Professional Architectural Hardware manufacturer

Why Choose Us

Why choose us?

1.We have been in the hardware industry for more than 10 years and have helped many customers to establish a differentiated competitive advantage in the local market.


2.The quality consciousness of workers is the place where we attach importance to training. We will have multiple quality control procedures to ensure that the products produced are of stable quality according to the requirements of customers.


3.We attach importance to the introduction of talents, training talents, to provide you with product appearance design, product R&D function realization, as well as new product introduction and other one-stop services, to assist you to give full play to your imagination, develop all kinds of new products.


4.We have a rich and powerful supply chain system. Through the industry reputation in the industry we have accumulated a large number of partners, ensuring timely delivery and adequate capacity for you.

5.Our products can pass UL, CE certification and EN1906 EN12209 EN1154 standard test, which can meet your local certification test standards

The company vision

1. Carry out individual design and development of new products, provide more quality products to customers, and ensure regional distribution

2.Optimize the production line, put the profit in the place that promotes automation, ensure the competition of production link

3.Enhance data control of each link in the factory to prepare the precision machining for the future industrial Ethernet access

4.Welcome One Belt And One Road customers to cooperate with us